Buddhist Monk Allegedly Coerced Nuns Into Sex And Embezzled Funds; Resigns From Chairman Post

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We have seen a lot of church officials or even a monk violate their beliefs and other people time and again. That problem is not just for Christianity but other religions as well. Of course, the fault would and should always be on the individual offender and not the religion or belief. After all, for every bad religious practitioner, there would be a thousand more doing some good deeds.

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Perhaps that would be a good way to treat yet again another religious official offense. This time around, a Buddhist monk in China is under fire for his alleged sins which are coercing some nuns into sex with him, illegal construction work, and embezzled funds. The issue is quite shocking indeed since the core belief of Buddhism is that desire and attachment are the causes of unsatisfactoriness and suffering.

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Still, a church official violating what his church stands for is not entirely unheard of. Regardless, the said monk is 52-year-old Xuecheng who is the abbot of the well-known Longquan Temple near Beijing, China’s capital. Xuecheng is also a top political advisory body, as the chairman of the Buddhist Association of China. He was those, anyway, since he has already resigned from those posts once the accusations have been raised.

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The allegations also seem to be quite extensive, being 95-pages long and compiled by two of the Longquan Temple’s former monks. The said former monks were named Shi Xianjia and Shi Xianqi and detailed that Xuecheng even sent some suggestive text messages to two female monks and initiated unwanted sexual advances towards four others. Other details claimed of Xuecheng’s illegal construction and embezzlement activities. Xuecheng was quick to deny such charges despite the visual evidence provided by the accusers.

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