Mitt Romney And President Obama Battle It Out On Google, Google+ And YouTube [Infographic War]

Obama vs Romney Scorecard

President Obama and Mitt Romney are engaged in a fiercely competitive Presidential campaign that transcends popular media with an ever increasing focus on social networks. Among the candidates engaged networks is Google+, YouTube and Google Search.

With just over a week left in the 2012 Election cycle the team at Google Analytics took a look at Google data to determine which Presidential candidate has a lock on the company’s social networking and search platforms.

According to Google researchers search interest has favored Obama but YouTube searches have turned up a larger percentage of Romney video requests. Romney videos have also earned a larger percentage of subscribers throughout the election cycle.

While Romney has begun to catch up on YouTube President Obama already had a very large lead which he continues to maintain.

When it comes to the news President Obama has been mentioned 447 million times to Mitt Romney’s 368 million mentions.

The research also shows the shift in Google+ followers from October 2 through October 23. Obama during that time picked up 4.2 percent more followers while Romney jumped by 4.7% with Obama leading 2.23 million followers to Romney’s 0.99 million followers as of October 23.

Here is the full infographic (click to enlarge):



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