Man Wearing Miniskirt Arrested For Walking Across MLK Expressway


Police in Tulsa say they arrested a man after he was discovered walking down I-244 — in a miniskirt.

Ottie Webb; Photo: Facebook

Officers say they got a call about a half-naked man walking on East I-244 near Delaware Avenue at 7:20 p.m., Wednesday.

When the suspect, who was later identified as Ottie Webb, spotted police, he darted across the busy highway with cars flying highway speeds in a clear attempt to run and hide, police commented.

Officers state Webb crossed the highway a few more times before hiding behind a bush. Police ultimately detained him at the Delaware Avenue bridge.

Webb was arrested for jaywalking and obstruction and booked into the City of Tulsa Municipal jail.

And who said men couldn’t pull off wearing skirts? The people that called the police on Webb, that’s who; Photo: Gifbin

British-designer, Mary Quant, is credited with pioneering the mini-skirt. “A miniskirt was a way of rebelling,” said Quant.

However, it was entertainer Josephine Baker who rung bells in the 1920s initially with a miniskirt made of bananas during performances of the “Folies Bergère” in Paris.

Josephine Baker’s banana miniskirt; Photo: Getty Images

The miniskirt hit pop culture when it began to make appearances in science fiction films like “Forbidden Planet” and “Flight to Mars” in the 1950’s.

The first direct reference to the miniskirt stemmed from Wyoming newspaper The Billings Gazette characterizing the miniskirt as a controversial item in production in Mexico City. In the column, the miniskirt was described as halting eight inches above the knee.


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