Milk Made Of Insect Is Out Now And Can Save The Earth, Will You Drink It?

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Here’s a shocking fact to shake you off your comfort zone: human beings facing a food problem. Food supplies are not getting any better and the population still keeps on growing. Of course, there are solutions for this, like GMO food (“thanks” Monsanto), but those are harmful and are really not healthy. Because of this, South Africans came up with insect milk as a replacement for milk, one of the most consumed foods on the planet.

A company named Gourmet Grubb is the brainchild of a product called Entomilk, which is every bit as nutritious as dairy milk, perhaps even more so, GMOs and whatnot. Now here’s the catch… Entomilk is made from insects. So, that means, cockroaches, beetles, flies, and other six-legged creepy crawlies and their larvae are the secret ingredients for Entomilk. The company has “grub” in its name, what did you expect?

Also, Gourmet Grubb has already begun selling in the South African market. The company also claimed in support of Entomilk to “think of Entomilk as a sustainable, nature-friendly, nutritious, lactose-free, delicious, guilt-free dairy alternative of the future.” Still, insect-eating may not exactly be new to a lot of countries, particularly those in the Eastern parts of the world like in Thailand or Australia.

Meanwhile, a recent research in India has claimed that milk made out of cockroaches, like the one Entomilk is made of, actually contains three times the energy of the equivalent mass of cow milk. That means insect milk is simply more nutritious. Coupled with the fact that they do not need much land or space and also do not produce any harmful waste materials, unlike cows… we may have a clear replacement for milk. Here’s hoping that Entomilk does not bug you, because when food becomes scarce, we might have to resort to eating insects.

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