Girl’s Genetic Disorder Gives Her Big Beautiful Doll Eyes

genetic disorder
Photo by Twitter/Karina Ortega

More often than not, genetic or birth defects are very negative and are generally unwanted by parents or everyone else. It is also rather unfortunate and cruel that babies have to endure this sort of genetic roulette. Most of them will have to carry those like crucifixes throughout their lives. Not all genetic disorders are poorly received, however, as one little girl has been getting praises because of them.

Mehlani Ortega has recently been taking Twitter by storm, and she is barely two-years-old (beat that millennials). But it was not Mehlani’s tweets that got the internet impressed, it was her eyes, which appear to be big, black and doll-like in appearance. Ever since her mother, Karina, posted pictures of her on Twitter, Mehlani has since become viral.

According to Karina, Mehlani was born like that due to a condition known as Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome. The said genetic disorder causes facial deformities and other abnormalities in facial features. Most of the time, the condition affects the nasal bridge, forehead, and mid-face. As a result, those who suffer from the condition will have strange looking eyes. Additionally, Mehlani had to undergo surgery at five-months-old to correct a malformed drainage canal in her eyes, sadly, her eyes could not be fixed yet. Her vision is normal at the moment.

Despite the compliments that Mehlani and Karina are getting, the latter often fears what would happen to her baby if she grows up. In particular, Karina is worried that Mehlani might get bullied in school because of her condition and her appearance. So far, Mehlani has been getting positive attention.

People have also been supportive of Karina and Mehlani. With some even claiming that it was a cute-kid syndrome and that Karina has done a great job being a mom.

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