Microsoft Xbox 360 Unfollows Twitter And Facebook, Dashboard Apps ‘Retired’

Xbox 360 Facebook and Twitter Apps Going Away

The Fall 2012 update of the Xbox 360 Dashboard ditches Twitter and Facebook app support.

A Microsoft employee told IGN that the company was “retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps,” and they did not say whether or not the apps would return at another time.

The Fall Update of the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform comes with the recommendation that users access Twitter and Facebook through the included Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

Three years ago Microsoft debuted both Twitter and Facebook to the Xbox 360, allowing users to access their social networks without leaving their gaming console.

Twitter and Facebook have never been highly used options for Xbox 360 users, in fact after the first day of launch saw massive tweet and Facebook status updates the program almost immediately fell off traffic maps.

Microsoft has never really attempted to further implement Facebook and Twitter into its platform for better results which likely led to the discontinuation of the integrated social network options.



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