Mexican Girl Sends X-Mas Wish List Via Balloon; Arizona Man Receives It, Goes Full Santa

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Santa is one of the best things to ever happen during Christmas because he gives people an incentive to be good. That is, if you are a child, adults should buy their own gifts, sadly. However, one Mexican girl did wish for a lot of gifts from Santa and even put it on a list and attached it to a balloon, hoping it reaches the North Pole. It didn’t but it went to the next best place…


An 8-year-old Mexican girl named Dayami actually thought of a more ingenious plan to make sure that her Christmas wish list goes to Santa. She obviously does not trust the postal service (because who does, really?). So she sent it using helium balloons. However, the said balloon went to Patagonia, Arizona instead of the North Pole, there goes Dayami’s plan…


The said balloon with the wish list was discovered by a man named Randy Heiss while he was hiking. His wife translated the Spanish wish list and they included stuff such as art supplies, clothes, a doll, and a dollhouse. Heiss was touched and wanted to fulfill Dayami’s wishes.

“I really touched my heart to find it and I said,’Well, how the hell will I be able to figure out how to get in touch with this little girl and her wishes come true?’” worried Heiss. So he did some math and hypothesized that the balloon must have been launched from Nogales, Mexico, 20 miles south of Patagonia.


Heiss, with his gifts ready, was able to confirm that the Mexican girl was indeed in Nogales thanks to the help of a Mexican radio station, XENY. The said station also arranged for the meeting of the two, where Heiss was finally able to give all the gifts in Dayami’s wish list to her:

“Love has no boundaries. That wall melted for the day. We lost our son nine years ago. So we do not have grandchildren in our future and so the possibility of sharing Christmas with the children was something that was missing in our lives,” said Heiss.

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