Ho Ho Her/Him: People Are Now Calling For A Gender-Neutral Santa Claus

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There is only one Santa Claus we all know and love and that is Saint Nicholas who goes out of his jolly own way to make Christmas special for kids. We have all known him to be male, as is indicated by that beard. However, the times are changing and a surprising chunk of the US and UK population now want a gender-neutral Santa.


Since Christmas is upon and ‘tis the season to be jolly, around 4,000 participants both in the US and UK were surveyed regarding Santa. The said survey consisted of what people think should be changed with Santa. This ranged from shaving off his beard, to a different choice of clothing, and of course, if he should be gender-neutral.


After the dust has settled, it turns out more than a quarter of people actually want a gender-neutral Santa. 28 percent of the 4000 participants from the US agreed to that category, while 26 percent agreed in the UK. The suggestion was that Santa be “rebranded” to something else other than male. 


All in all, that is more than 1/4 of the two Western countries’ population based on the sample size, which can be assumed to be representative of the whole. That is quite a significant number, though not enough to warrant such a huge cultural change. Who knows what might happen to Santa next year though?


Meanwhile, people also agreed to other suggestions regarding Santa’s non-gender appearance and business practices, some wanted him to have dreadlocks, others wanted Santa to do business over Amazon Prime instead of the traditional elf employees and reindeer delivery. It seems Santa needs to keep up with the pace of the modern world now.

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