Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Creepy And The Internet Is Loving It

Melania's Christmas Decor

Holiday decorations are usually bright, sparkly, and colorful. They’re designed to evoke feelings of joy and happiness, but Melania Trump seems to have missed that memo. This year’s Christmas decor at the White House looks like something straight out of a horror movie and evokes nothing but fear and uneasiness. What makes the chosen holiday designs even more disturbing is the fact that its intended theme was “American Treasures,” and according to FLOTUS, fills the White House “with the spirit of patriotism.” Either she’s blind, or she thinks movies like “The Nightmare On Elm Street” represent American patriotism. Either way, the internet is having a field day with pictures of Melania’s creepy Christmas decor, and the results are just hilarious!

An American Horror Story

Melania's Christmas Decor

“From light to darkness, an American Horror Story.”

Just another American horror story to add to the list, except the ending to this particular one is still TBD. The difference between Melania’s holiday decorations and the former First Lady’s is quite drastic. It would appear that the Trumps went with less traditional decor this year. Either that or they’ve neglected to take down their Halloween decorations.

All Work And No Play

“Is it just me, or do Melania’s White House Christmas decorations remind you of another family that had to put up with a dad who lost his mind?”

We know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but apparently, all work and no play makes Melania think she has an eye for interior design. If you aren’t familiar with Stephen King’s “The Shining”, then all you really need to know is that a family moves to a big hotel during the off-season as the dad (played by Jack Nicholson) gets a job as the caretaker. He goes stir crazy, drinks a lot, chats up the hotel’s ghosts, and tries to kill his wife and son. So basically, people are saying that the White House’s Christmas decorations look like a haunted hotel from a horror movie. Also, you really should watch the film or read the book because it’s a classic.

The Grady Twins

Melania's Christmas Decor

“I can add one to that #Trump Xmas nightmare.”

If the Grady twins weren’t creepy enough, there’s this eerie internet creation. Don Jr. and Eric might not be twins, but they both know how to scare the shit out of an entire country with a single sentence. They do wear those dresses well though.


Melania's Christmas Decor

“The Shining” references wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Danny riding the ghost-filled hallways of the Overlook Hotel in Colorado on his tricycle. While Danny was fleeing the Grady twins or the woman in room 217, Trump is obviously pedaling towards the darkness in this photo. Our darling president is likely fleeing from all the immigrants coming to steal his job, Stormy Daniels, or that turkey he groped a few weeks ago.

Here’s Johnny!

Melania's Christmas Decor

Okay, this is the last reference to “The Shining,” I promise! The halls of the White House have a serious resemblance to the final scene in the movie, where a frozen Jack Nicholson is left in the snowy woods. It really doesn’t help that the lighting forms eerie shadows on the ceiling that resemble the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts.

The Dark Side

Melania's Christmas Decor

I don’t know much about Star Wars, but this guy looks pretty evil. If the Death Star landed on the front lawn of the White House, Darth Vader would feel right at home these days. Maybe that’s who Melania decorated for!

Welcome To Narnia

Melania's Christmas Decor

“Make Narnia Great Again”

Narnia may have been full of whimsical creatures like fauns and talking beavers, but the White Witch ruined it all during her reign as queen by turning them all into stone. It’s similar to what happened when the Trumps moved into the White House. America was full of dreamers and visionaries, and Donald Trump ruined it all during his presidency by turning them all into racists.

The Upside Down

Melania's Christmas Decor

If you’re looking for the current portal to the Upside Down, Melania may have accidentally stumbled upon it right in her own hallway. At least that would explain the horrendous white sticks that FLOTUS is trying to pass off as Christmas decorations.

The Official White House Christmas Card

Melania's Christmas Decor

Melania and Donald must be fans of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” if they’re putting a Demogorgon on the front of their holiday card. It would explain all of the dark, creepy Christmas decorations. Perhaps when they called their theme “American Treasures” they really meant “American Terrors” because that just seems more suitable.

Melania’s Labyrinth

Melania's Christmas Decor

“I wasn’t sure whether Melania’s White House Christmas decorations were more Pan’s Labyrinth, IT, or Stranger Things, so I combined them all.”

Any of these horror villains could probably be found in the White House these days. In fact, the hallways our president likely doesn’t walk could easily be mistaken for the set of any of these movies or show. Their presence in this picture actually has a way of brightening up the decor. Who would have thought?

Dementors In The White House

Melania's Christmas Decor

“Melania deciding to add dementors to the White House Christmas decorations was a nice touch.”

They might be a long way from Hogwarts, but these dementors fit in nicely with Melania’s holiday decor. We all know that they won’t be sucking the souls out of any of the members of Trump’s family, as there isn’t a single soul among them. Likely they’re sticking around to suck the souls out of the children who will be visiting over the next few weeks as Melania and Donald pretend to be down to earth human beings for the cameras, handing out candy canes and what not.

Introducing Trump’s New Advisor Pennywise

Melania's Christmas Decor

“We all vote down here.”

Who’s paying for the White House to be decorated to look like the sewers beneath Derry, Maine? They say that each president uses what is kept in storage from previous years, but this year Melania has definitely gone for a more modern look. Modern in the sense that it’s hideous, illogical, and overpriced.

More From Trump’s New Advisor

Melania's Christmas Decor

“White House Christmas decorations looking good.”

Hope you aren’t afraid of clowns!


Melania's Christmas Decor

“Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decor looks awesome if you add the Babadook.”

Nothing goes better with modern yet creepy holiday decor than a modern yet creepy horror movie villain. In fact, if Melania is still considering options for the official White House holiday card, then this concept should definitely be a front-runner.

The Grady Twins…Again

“It’s that time of year at White House…”

So, I lied when I said I wouldn’t be referencing “The Shining” again. Obviously, these decorations have inspired some comparisons, and these images are just too epic not to include.

River Of Blood

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters – Stephen King”

Twitter is saying these trees have been dyed with the blood of Trump’s victims. Immigrant children held in detention centers, the refugees at the border, GM’s former employees. The list goes on!

 Ofdonald’s Trees Get Bonnets

“Bold choice going with decorations inspired by the Handmaid’s Tale.”

Melania Trump will hereby be referred to as Ofdonald, and her red trees must wear bonnets at all times. Praise be.

Dead Yip-Yip Aliens

“This year’s White House Christmas decor = Dead yip-yip aliens from Sesame Street.”

Once you look up pictures of yip yip aliens from the show, this picture becomes incredibly depressing. They’re so cute and fluffy that it makes this picture look like the trees are made of skinned [insert your favorite cuddly animal here].

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