Meet Reditr: TweetDeck for Reddit [Video]

Reditr - like Reading Desk or TweetDeck

Imagine a standalone application that would completely change the way users interact with Reddit. The app would be a lot like TweetDeck, streamlining and optimizing the Reddit experience (in theory, anyway). Well, it exists. It’s called Reditr.

Though Reditr has been in beta since summer, it finally launched public on Monday. It is a free extension client, available for Google Chrome and Windows (Mac users will see their own standalones in the near future). Reditr boasts a column-like design, similar to TweetDeck by no mistake: the creators of the app were inspired by TweetDeck’s “simplicity and powerful column design.”

With Reditr, users can create a feed for specific subreddits, multiple subreddits, search queries or another user’s activity. The columns update in real time as new content is upvoted, and there’s also a “refresh” button you can press any time. “This design structure enables the user to have quick access to a staggeringly large amount of content, all easily navigated via a simple column design,” explained creators Dimitry Vinogradov and David Zorychta.

Perks to using Reditr:

  • Ability to display everything without leaving the page (similar to Enhancement Suite, though you can view multiple subreddits at once).
  • Browse specific subreddits and hover over topics to see posts in full.
  • View YouTube videos without leaving the thread.
  • Save posts, create a “favorites” tab.
  • Visible links to original poster (“OP”) profiles, account information, and history (send messages without leaving the panel).
  • Optimized advanced search (filter for “SFW” content).

Though the main focus of Reditr is to enhance Reddit user experience, the app might be a useful tool for online journalists as well. Reditr was also created with the help of other Redditors through the Reditr subreddit, which boasts thousands of subscribers. Specific Redditor suggestions reflected are theming, galleries and keyboard shortcuts.

The Reditr app is completely free. Consider it a gift to the internet community. Donations, however, will go toward developer fees for a virtual private server. Here’s a video run-through of the app:

[iframe src=”” width=”420″ height=”315″]

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