#Manties Selfies Becoming A Strange Trend


#Manties. It is a new trend that has men across the world posting selfies of themselves in their underwear with the creative hashtag. C’mon why should girls get all the fun.


The Instagram posts have uncovered a whole new world of men underwear. Did you know they come in an array of colors and styles? Manties are slang for panties made for men and are the completely opposite from tighties whities.


These guys are taking this stuff seriously. #Manties with patterns.


What about a fashionable pair of #manties with some see-through shorts…


Or maybe a crop top.


Why stick with the run-of-the-mill thong, speedo or boxer? This guy takes it to a whole new level of #manties.


Some men do it by themselves, but others make it a group activity. Nothing says “best friends forever” like taking selfies in your underwear together.


This is just like the time men and coffee took over Instagram, except with a whole lot less clothing.

Now go cool yourself off…

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