Woman Makes Example of Mansplainer on Twitter

So how do you catch a mansplainer?

Answer: lay out a convenient question for him to stumble into, preferably on Twitter. Wait. Watch it happen before your eyes. Profit.

For those of you who are a tad lost on the term, “mansplainer” is a portmanteau of the words “man” and “explain”, meaning “to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.” sometimes, it’s done thinking the explainer knows way more than the explainee, “so pitiful *scoff*”. And despite what the word may signify, it’s done by both men and women.

Katie Cunningham, a writer based in Toronto, tweeted this joke.

Good one, Katie. We’re pretty sure only a fool would be daft enough to fall into this.

Whoops, spoke to soon.

Katie, instead of getting mad and dissing the guy, pulled off a boss move and actually encouraged Greg to pretty pretty please explain? We’re absolutely lost without his superior male opinion.

Of course Greg had to answer. Why ever pass up on an opportunity to be the mansplainer to save the day?

This was just going soooo well.

Katie took a screenshot of the entire conversation and shared it on Twitter. Ladies and gents, How To Catch a Mansplainer.


And her followers rejoiced.

You think the fun stopped there? Oh heck no! Someone else actually fell for the same thing.

Greg up there later responded, saying he was just trying to play along with the joke. Hmmmm.

Ok then.

So with al this mansplainer joke non-joke, should we start making a special font or punctuation mark for sarcasm? seems like it’d be pretty timely to have it, too.

Meanwhile, here’s another video for all the mansplaining out there.


Feature image courtesy of Gratisography 
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