Man with GoPro Jumps Into Sydney Harbor; Great White Shark (Supposedly) Says Hello

great white shark

This is what GoPro makes people do. Don’t get me wrong. I think a lot of awesome moments have been captured using GoPro, moments that otherwise we would never have witnessed. But this kind of thing annoys me, simply because people try to pull off stunts that are basically hoaxes.

This guy seems real enough (he’s not a crash test dummy or anything) at the beginning of the video, but if you watch it over and over again, you’ll see that there are some inconsistencies that point to the Great White Shark encounter to be fake.

There’s a short Reddit thread about it, too, which basically points out those inconsistencies. And you just have to go check the YouTube comments to get more.

great white shark

How about you, social video junkies? What do you think of this GoPro Great White Shark encounter? Fake or real?

Here’s something more authentic, and cute, too: Wild Life Sydney Zoo Koalas Snap Selfies Using Special Cameras.



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