Sarah Paulson Tweets Character Photo for ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

Sarah Paulson AHS season 4

The American Horror Story craze has died down a bit since fans are between seasons, but to keep everyone in the loop and remind them of the insanity, Sarah Paulson tweeted a photo of her character(s) for the upcoming season 4 “Freak Show.”

Cleverly written “Two heads are better than one,” Paulson uploaded a picture of Bette and Dot, the two headed woman she will be playing for AHS season 4. No one can argue with double Sarah Paulson.

What can we take away from this photo? That both of them have very different personalities. How pumped are you to just watch these two heads yell at each other only three inches from one another.

Paulson has gotten 25,000 retweets on that photo and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. AHS has been trending on Facebook for over a day with the two-headed news.

Filming for Season 4 is set to begin in July. Freak Show is set in Jupiter, Florida during the 1950s at a carnival.

*Sits quietly and waits for more news trying not to freak out* – No pun intended.

[Photo credit: Sarah Paulson]

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