Man Tries To Assault Female Kickboxer, Wait Until You Hear What Happened….

Let it be known by all, if you are the type of man who would ever assault a woman, I hope horrible things happen to you. Well actually, I hope instant karma happens to you. What do I mean. Well, I guess I mean kinda like this:

I think bad things should happen to people who do bad things, and I think they should happen to them BEFORE they try to do bad things. Take the following news story as a perfect example. Though somewhat disturbing, it shows you what happens when you fight for your life. Mark Willis is an awful, awful man. A 39 year-old resident of England, he attacked a female walking the street one day. Little did he know that he just pretty much messed with the wrong person and was about to get a lesson he would not soon forget.

When leaping on this woman and instructing her to do as he says, she pretty much told him to (bleep off) and began smashing him in his face. He had no idea, but this woman was a trained kickboxer, and not about to be taken down without a fight. She then realized he was pulling at her shorts, which caused her to go even more into a justifiable frenzy to protect herself. He was trying to rape her.

She quickly grabbed the man’s arm and began to try to snap it in the opposite direction. He responded by trying to punch her out. Not smart. She turned the tables and ended up leg locking his neck until he went unconscious, at which point authorities were called and the man was arrested. Acting quickly, the woman had some of the man’s blood I.D’d on her, and he was detained for the assault, even though SHE beat his ass!

Now that is what I call justice.

A Flag For Planet Earth?



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