Batkid Begins: The Trailer That Will Make You Cry


A while back, many of us caught wind of an incident that warmed our hearts. For the Make-A-Wish foundation, a young boy with cancer named Miles Scott who wanted nothing more than to be Batman for a day. Make-A-Wish banded together with a great many San Francisco locals to help this young boy realize his dream. The story swept the news, and making it even more magical was the fact that young Miles would go on to beat cancer. Good news for fans of life affirming news, as there is a documentary about to drop that tells us his story and the story of how they made his wish an awesome reality! On top of it, it bares the awesome name of “Batkid Begins.”

Just to get to see a kid who had no chance beam with such joy is worth it in itself, but to know he beat the disease and gets to live his life with that awesome memory is priceless. And I think for the rest of us, it shows us that there is some good left in this world.


It is the kind of thing that rekindles one’s faith in humanity. Honestly.



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