Man Tattoos Whole Body Black, Cuts Of Nipples & Penis For Body Art

Photo by Instagram/Adam Curlykale

Must the artist always suffer for his art? Well, most do, at least the successful ones we know of in history. Of course, suffering can be subjective since some people might even like it if it brings them joy. One Russian man is probably a good example of this, for he, uh, cut off his penis and his nipples and tattooed himself black for the sake of body art.

32-year-old Adam Curlykale from Kaliningrad, Russia was more or less a regular dude more than 12 years ago, that is, until he got diagnosed with cancer. His treatment kept him alive but left some nasty blemishes on his skin, something he sought to cover up using tattoos because it depressed him.

After his first few tattoos, however, he got obsessed with body art. Hence, throughout all those twelve years since his first tattoo, Adam had managed to cover about 90 percent of his body in black graphite color, including his eyeballs:

Additionally, he also dyed his facial hair white as you can see. However, what really completed Adam’s body art is his when he cut off his nipples and eventually, his penis… because he felt they looked out of place.

“Looking at my genitals I felt abhorrence and abomination,” expressed Adam. While he did admit that it’s difficult to urinate without a genital, Adam seems to be satisfied with what he did because he identifies as a “nullo.”

“I belong to a type of people called ‘nullo’ which means that I’m an agamic person, but asexual doesn’t mean that I don’t have a sex drive. People from the ‘nullo’ community don’t want to have body parts like nipples, a belly button or genitals which determine if you’re a man or a woman,” explained Adam.

He still feels pain, needing a catheter in order to pee, but Adam deems it insignificant since he is happy with the body art he did to himself. Adam also has an Instagram account with nearly 10,000 followers, in case you want to see some of his artistry.

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