Man Tattoos Entire Body Blue Because He Was ‘Miserable’

A man’s decision to tattoo his entire body the color blue came after years of feeling cornered by abidance and a “lack of confidence.”

It has taken Donnie Snider just three years to transmute himself into a bus-dwelling, jewelry-making blue bro. In 2017, Snider — a former forklift driver who lives in Scarborough, Ontario — asked his sister to ink a chunk of his foot and leg with a bright turquoise tinge. The rest is history.

via Reddit; Donnie Snider doesn’t feel blue anymore (pun intended)

“I was extremely miserable,” Snider noted. “I decided to quit hiding, break myself out of stagnation and remake my life.” And now, as a blue dude, he claims he can “actually be happy to live” — partly because of the “capricious element” it brings his daily encounters. “The questions are endless,” he stated, but he doesn’t fault the curious people inquiring about his blue ink. “I’ve had many bizarre interactions,” he persisted, from “gasps” to “smiles,” “free alcohol” to “flirting,” plus “thumbs up,” “fist bumps,” and “hugs.”

Some audacious gapers even go so far as “licking their thumbs and trying to rub the tattoo off,” or tugging at his garments “to peek underneath.” “Questions from strangers about my genitals have increased by, like, 10,000 percent,” quipped Snider. On the flip side, he too gets “eye rolls” and “snarky comments,” however he doesn’t let the negative vibes bring him down. “Most insults are unimaginative and predictable,” he added. “Most can be lumped together in the category of ‘unflattering comparisons to other things that are blue.’ ”


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