Man Posts Excerpts from EL James’ #Grey; Twitter Reacts


[Caveat: Many of the photos here are excerpts from the book, and thus can be NSFW-y. View at your own discretion.]

So EL James has just released the newest book in her 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. It’s entitled “Grey”, and is essentially the very same story told from Christian Grey’s perspective. Scott Bryan, an intrepid soul, live-tweeted his experience of reading the book so you won’t have to.

Let the excerpts commence!

The novel itself opens up like this:

… Yeah. Okay. I think we pretty much get it.

Writers and Twitter users were all over this paragraph.

As the book unfolds, it seems pretty clear that christian does a lot of thinking — just not quite with the head on his shoulders. I mean, come on.

“music to my d*ck”?! Seriously?!

So… much… of it.

I can’t even.

Christian! It’s not all about the D!

The reactions:

And it’s also rather discomfiting to read how he regards Anastasia Steele in all this.

Like, hello, Anastasia’s a person? With thoughts?! and feelings?!

Oh dear lord.

Oh, Christian, you’re just a regular Romeo, aren’t you?

Tweeps chimed in.

I don’t think we’re ever going to see peeled ginger the same way again.

Peeled ginger? you’re not the only one who’s wondering.

Oyoyoy. that’s gonna… linger.

and here’s where I just burst out laughing.

The responses were hilarious.

Don’t even get me started on tea.

Tea lovers of all leanings would not stand for it.

Scott, we don’t blame you. Not one bit. *hands him a towel and a rubber duckie*

We’re pretty confused, too.


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