50 Shades Of Grey Meets Frozen, Creepy Or Hilarious Or Both? [Video]

50 shades of frozen

The internet has officially gotten weirder. Or are more people bored? Either way, YouTube user Tranceart Violeta created a “50 Shades of Frozen” video and it is quickly picking up speed for viral views. Over 600,000 views in a week for a video that took bits of the popular Frozen movie and used the sound from the 50 Shades of Grey trailer to make an interesting, funny, yet creepy trailer for the fictional movie “50 Shades of Frozen.”

The main reason I say this video is creepy at times is because the words, images, and lips match perfectly at times that if you didn’t know the two were separate films, you may believe what you see.

What is your opinion on the video?

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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