Man Plays Bass Solo on A Bass With Invisible Strings

We have talked about Dave504 before on here, and he is essentially a god who can play anything on bass, from bass lines that should be technically impossible (that video is linked below this article) to, at one point, playing a  bass guitar (which only comes with four strings) that had 24 strings. Basically, if you appreciate music, his channel is full of great videos (he plays Red Hot Chili Peppers music using an ACTUAL red hot chili pepper, that is meta at it most meta-est).

But below, as you are about to see, he does the impossible and plays a bass solo on a bass that has INVISIBLE STRINGS*.

Check it out for yourself:

*No, the strings are not invisible. They were taken out digitally in post production. Or, potentially, he also could have recorded a song on bass and played along to it perfectly on a bass guitar that has no strings on it.  Simple deductive logic.

Sorry to murder your dreams, but it makes his originality and talent no less impressive.

Man Plays “Unplayable” Bass Solo And Nails It

Kokou Adzo

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