DEADMAU5 Claims Wrote Unplayable Bassline, Amazing Bassist Proves Him Wrong

First and foremost, I must admit to all readers I am very biased here. I am kind of obsessed with YouTuber Dave504 because I play bass myself and he tends to do things with the instrument MANY would find impossible. A perfect example of this is a bassline is EDM (that means electronic dance music for you old people) artist DEADMAU5 made a song (on his computer) that he said had an impossible bassline for a human being to play.

Well, um, he was kind of just proven incredibly wrong by the aforementioned Dave504.

Something I DO have to really push here, you may play bass but don’t get tricked into thinking YOU could do this. You MIGHT be able to, but pretty sure Dave is a space alien who was born with a bass in his hand:

Really, what can I even say to that? If this was the 18th century they would burn him for being a witch. And that’s just a basic, four string bass.

Check this vid out, where he plays a bass with 24 strings:

So yeah, safe to say dude has a natural gift. Hell, it almost seems supernatural!


DEADMAU5 responded to this on Twitter and it was PERFECT:


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Remy Carreiro


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