Owner Of ‘World’s Most Advanced Sex Robot’ Says He May Make Her His Girlfriend


The initial proprietor of one of the world’s most advanced sex robots says he is contemplating making one his full-time girlfriend.

‘Harmony’, an advanced sex doll; Photo by: Lurer

The 60-year-old man from California, who goes by the pseudonym “Brick Dollbanger“, claims to have spent nearly $200k on sex dolls over the years.

He described owning $15k ‘Harmony’ as “fantastic” — but says an upcoming setting enabling her to physically respond to applied stimulation will make the experience even better.

The Harmony bot can achieve an ‘orgasm’ and even recollect its user’s birthday; Photo by: Best World News

Realbotix, the owner’s firm, alleges the new setting, called X Mode, will let Harmony “fulfill your wildest sexual desires”.

During an interview, The dad-of-two characterized the Harmony doll as a “work of art”.

“It’s a sensor that can tell when she’s being jostled around,” he says.

“When she’s switched in the X mode the sensor will go live, she’s going to know what you’re doing.”


“Dollbanger” said companionship was the motoring factor behind his verdict to purchase a sex doll and contended other lonely nonstarters were too looking for the same thing.

Psychological therapist, Dr. Thaddeus Birchard, expressed that AI life-like robots could potentially be another way for nymphomaniacs to express their fixation. “It would just be another way of expressing sexual activity or addiction,” he noted.

Producers of the bots however insist they could prove a blessing for lonely or disabled men and struggling marriages.

Will Brick put a ‘ring on it’? ‘Harmony’ laying; Photo by: Sivator

To view “Brick Dollbanger” speak on his relationship with “Harmony”, CLICK HERE!


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