Devil Apparition Appears On Slice Of Beef; Twitter Users Freak Out

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Have you ever wondered why adults kept forcing you as a child to gobble up those nasty greens? It may have been unhealthy eating only meat, something everyone could have explained to you back then. Now, don’t go hating people who kept forcing you to eat veggies just yet, perhaps they only want you to be healthy. Then again, perhaps they have also seen meat as the devil…

Photo by YouTube/Raúl H. Cortés

Speak of the devil, by the way, as it turns out, he is in the details, or more specifically, in a piece of beef. This piece of beef to be exact:

That right there is a prime cut of beef, sliced cleanly and it came with an occasional marbling of the devil in its flavor. It probably would still taste good though, considering that it is a good cut. Cow meat is famous for being marbled and healthy, so many people got no beef with their meat.

Regardless, that apparition is undeniable, twisted torso, wings, horns, “bloody” eyes, devilish grin, why, it’s a perfect description for Marilyn Manso– err, we mean, the devil. The image, posted by Japanese Twitter user @zogu8011 with the translated caption of “A (The) devil appeared when you cut meat” has Japanese Twitter freaking out and disturbed.

Photo by Alamy

It is, however, open to interpretation however you see it. It can be a weird cat, some weird clouds, or a weird ghost. As long as it is weird. As for those who will cook that exact hunk of beef, well, the steaks have certainly been raised, they are dealing with the devil, after all.

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