Man Nearly Dies After Getting Stuck In Restaurant Grease Vent For 2 Days

grease vent
Photo by Facebook/Alameda County Sheriff's Office

We have all been stuck in weird and embarrassing places one way or another. If you haven’t been there, well, there’s some bad news for you. If even one person knew how you got stuck in there, it would bring shame to your name forever. One man in the US got stuck in the weirdest of places, which is in a restaurant grease vent. How the heck? Well, read on.


It was around Wednesday morning in San Lorenzo, California, when the cops of Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the firemen of Alameda County Fire Department received a call. It was about a faint voice calling for help near a disused Chinese restaurant. After a quick investigation, the authorities found out that the sound was coming from the grease vent.

The firemen and police, upon using a ladder to climb to the top of the restaurant to check for vents, found an adult man stuck inside. He was confirmed to be 29-years-old and was covered in grease and oil. As such, he could not escape from his position because the grease vent narrowed towards the bottom and into the restaurant kitchen:

After about an hour, the firefighters and the police managed to free the poor greasy man from his claustrophobia-inducing entrapment. After being rescued, he told the officials that he had been in there for approximately two days. A day more and he probably would not have made it due to extreme dehydration and exhaustion, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The man’s name and how and why he got stuck in there were never revealed, but he did cause $10,000 worth of damage to the vent. He is now safe and is expected to make a full recovery at a nearby hospital.

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