Man Films Himself Talking in Sleep, End Result is Horrifying

Listen, I am a pretty logical guy. I believe in stuff I see, so stuff like ghosts and such have always kind of made me laugh. But this video is genuinely horrifying and I will tell you why that is. I know night terrors, I know insomnia, I know sleep-walking, but it is very much like the man in this video is interacting with something or BECOMING something other than what he normally is.

The petting and smelling of the sleeping girlfriend in the first few minutes is creepy enough, but where it goes seems like it is straight out of the Paranormal Activity movie franchise, and the cheap camera only adds to that affect.

Keep in mind, like all videos that circle the net, this could some idiots making something fake for attention, but at the time of posting this, this video is believed to be 100% authentic:

How that woman lays down to sleep with that man ever again after seeing this video I do not know.


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