Man Drugs His Girlfriend so He Can Keep Playing Video Games

NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA, Germany — A German court has found a man guilty of drugging his girlfriend because he didn’t want to stop playing video games with a friend, reports The Local. The man used an unnamed drug to sedate his girlfriend after she requested he stop playing. “I only put four or five drops into her tea.” He told the court.

The victim arrived home after ten hours of work and reportedly wanted to enjoy a quiet evening with her boyfriend. After drinking the spiked tea, she fell unconscious for several hours and remained groggy the next day. “Then I got up and drove to work although I was nodding off again and again.” She said.

The confessed druggist told the court he ““only put four or five drops into [my girlfriend’s] tea.”
Analysis of her hair  confirmed the drug had only entered her system once, when she drank the tea her boyfriend had spiked. He was regularly abusing the drug he used to sedate her. “Your girlfriend slept long and deeply, which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm.” The judge told him, before issuing a 500 euro fine.

“It was stupid, but now I’m on a straight path,” the boyfriend said, following his confession. He claims he is no longer abusing drugs.

“I love how the judge says it didn’t hurt her,” said one reddit commenter. “Every relationship she ends up having is going to be tainted by the thought of ‘is he going to drug me when I bother him too much?’ Gamers like him make me so angry and want to beat the hell out of him. I look forward to the SVU episode.”

The case is somewhat unusual, in that druggings usually occur in cases of rape or sexual assault. There are relatively few examples of sedating someone purely for convenience.

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