Conan O’Brien Plays Video Games On World’s Largest Full HD Display [Video]

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien was in Texas last month for an entire week during SXSW, and while there, filmed a special segment at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

No, Coco didn’t get tackled by the Cowboys or throw his hat into the world of concessions. Instead, as part of the Clueless Gamer segment, he hooked up a PlayStation 4 to the world’s largest full HD video board.

Joined by “Assistant Nerd” Aaron Bleyaert, the two had the entire stadium to themselves, other than a bunch of kids running around on the field for some unexplained reason.

The display, created by Mitsubishi at a cost of $40 million, measures 72-feet high by 160-feet wide, and consists of 25,000 square feet of HD video displays.

It weighs a staggering 1.2 million pounds, and if you were to even begin to replicate the mega screen, you’d need 4,920 52-inch displays.

Naturally, Conan and Aaron played Madden, a weird game where you’re flower petals, and Need For Speed Rivals, all of which the talk show host lived up to the name of the segment.

However, for the first time in Clueless Gamer history, Aaron actually got whipped in the classic Street Fighter II.

Not only did Conan O’Brien get to live out every gamer’s dream, but he was also made an honorary deputy while in The Lone Star State.

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