Man Creates 3-Sided And 5-Sided Squares, Also Uncovers Secrets Of The Universe

Believe it or not, math was not made to torture students into mental submission. It is one of those subjects which would depend heavily on how the teacher actually translates the complicated information into bite-sized pieces. Still, math is certainly quite the eye-opener when you get to actually understand its complexities. It may even uncover the secrets of the universe for you *wink* *wink.*

One man name Cliff Stoll will make you understand why math is important, particularly geometry. He even made a three-sided and five-sided square. Now how was that possible? Well, it has something to do with the square’s 90-degree angles. Here is the video of how he did it below. However, we are not responsible for any headaches you might incur in this article and the video.

So, basically, Cliff took advantage of the 90-degree property of square. If you can recall in your geometry classes in elementary, all the angles of a square are exactly and should be 90 degrees. What Cliff did was “cut corners” a bit and cut the 3-sided and 5-sided square out of three-dimensional objects like a sphere and a pseudosphere instead of the usual two-dimensional flat surface. Hence, we now have a square which you can use to brag about and dispute your math teacher with in a fair and square manner.

However, Cliff went on to prove that this his demonstration has bigger implications. He claimed that the universe actually follows a 3D pseudosphere shape which ultimately means mapping it is extremely difficult. That is because our concept of maps is usually just 2D illustrations on flat surfaces. Hence, it is very easy to be lost in the universe and in space based on Cliff’s insights. So if you are interested, check out his other videos in his own YouTube channel, they are very educational.

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