Student Asks Math Teacher to Dance, What Happens Next is Magical

When one thinks of slick dance moves, one does not instantly think math teacher, but you are about to see some dance moves that will blow your mind, and I can’t help but feel like this dance-off proves this math teacher got his first degree from the school of badass dancing, which I am pretty sure is not an actual school but should be.

I’m sorry, but maybe if my math teacher had dance moves this good, I wouldn’t have had to take algebra twice. Just kidding, that was all me. I can’t math. But MAN, can this guy dance:

So that is what  happens when you ask a math teacher to dance (or what they would do for a caramel apple pie). Okay, disclaimer:

99% of the math teachers presented with this same challenge would NOT have moves as slick as this mathematician, that’s for sure.

Nice to write up a school story that doesn’t involve a shooting or death for once, though, I can’t even lie.


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Remy Carreiro


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