Man Builds Own Giant Robot And Drives It On Streets But It’s No Match For Traffic Enforcers

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With all the mech and giant robot animes and movies right now and in the recent past, it was only a matter of time before humans actually started making their own. Anyone who has ever seen a Gundam– heck even Voltron or Power Rangers, would want their own giant robot. One Chinese guy made his dreams a reality and built a working and armed giant robot himself.

Of course, when you have built something that can potentially combat Godzilla or other large anomalies like the President’s ego, you would be a fool to not show it off. So that is what the Chinese man did, he piloted his giant death robot through the streets to show off his big guns. Since the robot was the size of an 18-wheeler truck, it caught the attention of a lot of people. It also occupied a whole traffic lane.

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As such, the giant robot probably caused more harm than good, at least to the motorists of Beijing, China that day. This drew the attention of the Beijing traffic police who immediately confronted the pilot and warned him to keep his robot off the streets. He was causing traffic though and was also causing a lot of pedestrians to stop and take photos, additionally causing even more pedestrian traffic.

So yeah, unfortunately, the mobile expo was cut short and people were not able to find out how the giant robot worked or was able to move or transform. As to why it was taken out for a spin, apparently, the giant robot was a prototype for the Taobao Maker Festival for gadgets and other techs.

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