The First Body Part You Wash In Shower Says This About Your Personality


If you’ve ever attended a yoga class, you have certainly heard the instructor depict your body as a sacred temple. And, they are totally right!

This vessel is home to the energies and emotions that drive us to do the things we want to do in life.

Which body part do YOU wash first in the shower?; Photo: Giphy

Various ancient cultures even go as far as believing that the part of your body you are migrated towards washing first says a lot about your personality.

It is probable that, subconsciously, you consider this area as the most sacred.

Skim through this list below and locate the body part you wash first, then read and see if the description matches your personality or is way off!


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The foot is a symbol of wholeness and humility.

Individuals who enter the shower and clean their feet first are very down to earth.

They are grounded persons who put the rights of living things above all else.

Shoulders and neck

Exfoliating bath mitts are great for scouring the neck/shoulder region; Photo: Instyle

People who wash their neck or shoulders first are diligent workers and highly competitive.

They do not take ‘no’ for an answer, and will do almost anything to achieve their aims and dreams.


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Hands have forever been a symbol of strength, solidarity, and unity.

Folks who wash their hands first in the shower do not give in to fear.

They’re exceedingly idealistic and will always make a stand for what is right.


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The head is an area of order and strength.

People who enter the shower and instantly begin washing the top of their head are practical and realistic.

They hate wasting time, which is why they often get acquainted with following a routine.


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The chest is a sensitive region for all mammals, and they will attempt to protect that region at all costs.

With that said, if you wash off your chest first in the shower, you are the type to feel comfy/confident in your own skin.

Your sureness is something many admire you for because it often puts you on the right path in life.


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Like the chest, the back is to another section we consider highly sensitive in our subconscious mind.

People who wash their back first are reserved and cautious. They’re rather introverted and savor their solitude.

It’s difficult to win their trust, but if you do, you’re in solid company.


Readers voted, and the answer was crystal: Yes, men should totally shave their armpits; Photo: Facebook

People who hop into the shower and cleanse their armpits first are the ones you can always count on.

They’re bighearted and will always go the extra mile for loved ones and others, but only if you don’t push the wrong button(s)!

Private Parts

Photo: Picster

People who wash the ‘downtown’ area first are quite the shy types.

They’re very hard to get close to and perpetually put themselves down in public.

Their sensitive nature has always irritated them, but they’re some of the most sincere people around.


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The face is the area that permits us to see, smell, hear, and taste.

People who opt to wash their face first in the shower are permanently worried about how they appear to others.

They get embarrassed and stressed out easily, and don’t take well to being criticized.

Arms or legs

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Our limbs assist us in getting around places, which is why persons who take extra care to wash them first in the shower are termed to be nonchalant and carefree.

They spend much of their time daydreaming about unearthly places. They enjoy devising vacations and like to refer to themselves as “nomads.”


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