Woman Can’t Cry, Wash, Drink Or Stand In The Rain Due To H20 Allergy


Heidi Falconer, 31, is one of the few people in the world born with aquagenic urticaria, a potentially fatal allergy to water.

As a kid, Heidi Falconer could not go outside and play in the snow due to her severe water allergy; Photo: Twitter

Heidi, originally from Tividale, possesses a very rare condition in which her immune system thinks that H2O molecules are foreign and attacks them.

One small drop of water on Heidi’s skin breaks her out in blisters in seconds. Even tears down her face can leave her cheeks red and cracked.

She cannot drink water, bathe or shower in it, or even go outside when it is raining because of the possibility of going into shock.

“I know I have to be careful and wary all the time and sometimes it’s a struggle,” Heidi said.

“But I try to live my life the best way I can. Kenny and I have been in a relationship for about thirteen years and he is golden to me. I have dreams of getting married and having children. My condition is something I have to live with, but I feel I have come to terms with it.

“It would be great to live normally just like everyone else, but I know that can’t happen.”

Aquagenic urticaria most commonly affects women and symptoms often begin around the onset of puberty; Photo: Giphy

Water accounts for 80% of the human body, thereby Heidi is technically allergic to HERSELF.

In a world-first operation, surgeons had to go as far as removing Heidi’s appendix using virtually no water-based products.

She survives by consuming 4 small glasses of milk or orange juice a day and eating dry foods like chicken and biscuits.

Heidi has to avoid watery foods such as watermelon and ice cream as consuming those will set off an allergic reaction in her throat; Photo: Giphy

Heidi has to apply a special cream from Sweden over her entire body in a daily ritual as well.

A long-awaited book about her health struggles, called “It’s Only Water”, is set to publish soon.


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