Man At Wimbledon Can’t Put on Poncho, Announcers Derive Joy From His Epic Struggle

If nothing speaks greater to the fact that tennis is boring than this simple moment during Wimbledon where a man seemed to be having perpetual problems putting on a poncho, which the announcers seemed to derive great joy from.

It sort of unfolds in three steps. At first all seems well, but it goes south quickly…

The initial problems gives way to larger problems quite suddenly…

And then, well, you can see for yourself. The poncho devours two people whole and they vanish. Okay, that doesn’t happen, actually, but it would make for a killer ending to the whole “man struggles with poncho” debacle seen above.

Dear Poncho guy,

Don’t be embarrassed. We have ALL been as socially awkward as you are during at least ONE moment in all our lives. And bless your heart, you made tennis more interesting for a couple minutes, so that in itself is miraculous.

Glad you survived, dude. Things were looking iffy there for a second.




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