Man Accidentally Shoots Himself Trying to Kill Cockroach

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself Trying to Kill Cockroach

Remember that woman who jumped from a moving car to escape a spider?

Well, a Detroit man has just topped that overreation with a story of his own.

The unnamed 50-year-old man’s attempt to kill a cockroach in his Michigan apartment resulted in a trip to hospital after he accidentally shot himself.

Supposedly, the man lobbed his sneaker at the bug on Tuesday morning, only for the revolver he’d secreted away inside to go off.

The bullet flew in his direction, hitting the man in the foot.

Detroit police say the man is in stable condition following the unfortunate accident, but did not report whether or not the cockroach was harmed in the process.

They also didn’t confirm whether or not the man was telling the whole story about how his injury occurred.

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