Maid of Honor Stuck with 99 Dead Goldfish After Bridezilla’s Idea Goes Terribly Wrong

Maid of Honor Stuck with 99 Dead Goldfish After Bridezilla's Idea Goes Terribly Wrong

For most weddings, the Maid of Honor is a coveted role. The chance for the bride to show her sister, childhood friend or BFF how much they mean to her, and for the MoH to return the favor by helping the wedding to run as smoothly as possible.

Or at least, that’s the theory, but in this era of the bridezilla, being Maid of Honor can turn out to be more of a burden than a blessing, as this woman found out the hard way.

Apparently, the bride-to-be loved animals, particularly fish, and is an
“on and off again vegetarian, PETA supporter etc.”

So, she decided her special day wouldn’t be complete without goldfish bowl centrepieces for the tables, which doesn’t sound too extreme.

However, the bride also decided that the unlucky goldfish would be her wedding favors, and each guest could take one home at the end of reception.

Unsurprisingly, MoH was worried about the welfare of the animals, as well as pointing out not every attendee would be keen on adopting a new pet, but the bride dismissed her concerns.

In fact, the bride’s only issue was that some of the fish might not survive the ceremony and after party, and asked her friend to be on “floater duty.”

Sharing her frustration in a Reddit post, she claims the bride told her: “That can be your job during the reception, just keep an eye out for dead ones and replace them before anyone notices.

“They’re called feeder fish for a reason. They don’t live long, everyone knows that. We’ll buy them that morning, they only need to survive through the reception.”

So, throughout the event the MoH spent the majority of her time on dead fish watch, keeping an eye on all 40 centrepieces.

As you can imagine, many of the unfortunate goldfish didn’t make it, and she had to replace several.

But that’s not all.

As the MoH predicted, most guests didn’t fancy taking a fish home at the end of the night, meaning she was stuck with 80 goldfish nobody wanted.

She continued: “Isn’t it strange how not a single guest was willing to take home some goldfish?

“It couldn’t have helped that the bride didn’t think to provide containers for them.

Dress Code
Photo by MOViN 92.5

“So, will the bride and groom be adopting these eighty goldfish plus about ten “spare” still in the back swimming around in the giant bag from the pet store?

“Alas, they can’t! They’re headed off on their honeymoon. Such a shame. “Gotta go now, bye!”

“With that, they were gone. Now I was literally the only person from the wedding left in the building. The hosts still needed their globes back.

“That night I strolled into a big-box pet store in my big floofy red satin floor length gown, heels clacking on the tiles, and purchased a big-ass rectangular tank, a filter, and some fish flakes.

“A few were dead by the time I got home, then more the next morning. More again in the afternoon, and the evening, and the next morning.

“By the third day, we were down to five, and we lost one a day after that until there was only one left.

“And that last one? Five years. I named it Sun. It lingered far longer than my friendship with the bride, and far far longer than her marriage.”

Well, at least this bridezilla didn’t force anyone to take a lie detector test

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