LocalResponse Can Now Target Ads Through Historical Social Data

LocalResponse offers valuable advertising solutions to small and big business and now the company has introduced new ad targeting options for historical data and check ins. Businesses have been able to target users based on their tweets, but not tweets that go further back in time.

For example, say Bob talked about seeing a new movie several months ago. Now, that movie is available to order on Blu-ray and DVD so LocalResponse can target Bob with an ad for the movie. This new service is great for advertisers and since ads aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, better targeting is always a great way to remove the nuisance of adverts for consumers.

Businesses will be able to examine historical data not just from Twitter, but also Instagram and Foursquare. Foursquare offers a very interesting benefit to companies as people are not only checking into their locations, but also potentially saying why they are there.

Walgreens for example has used LocalResponse’s Direct Response product to tweet customers as they check in to a location. With historical data, this opens up far more opportunities to better understand customers and provide a more in-depth and meaningful experience.

Considering that Instagram has quickly grown to surpass Twitter in terms of mobile daily active users (DAUs), this shift represents a new potential goldmine for advertisers.



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