(Live) YouTube Offices Have Had A Mass Shooting, Officers on Scene

Sadly, part of telling the news as a part of y our job is telling some of the tough stories people do not want to hear and that is just what this will be, unfortunately. Right now, YouTube is being treated as a mass shooting scene, though little is still known in terms of details. A woman reportedly went into the YouTube headquarters and shot her boyfriend.

There is also rumors that bystanders heard up to 20 shots fired inside, and one woman was allegedly seen crawling from YouTube to the Carl’s Jr next door, suffering from a gunshot wound. Many people were also seen exiting the YouTube headquarters with their hands up, though the details as to why are still unknown at the time of this report.

This is all happening in San Bruno right now, and sadly, the details are scarce, but it seems we have awoken to another mass shooting. Another nail in the coffin of a society that is truly circling the drain. Our well wishes to all involved and hopes that this ends up being stopped before much more damage can be done.

Oh, and f*ck the NRA. Seriously. This NEEDS to stop!


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