Little Girl Pulls Off Amazing Trick Shots With Household Items [Video]

little girl trick shots

Riley Dashwood isn’t just adorable. The six-year-old is pretty talented too. Thanks to her extremely patient dad, Riley has become a viral Internet sensation after being filmed hitting some pretty intense trick shots with household items.

Riley is seen tossing items, such as a piece of bread, over her shoulder and making it into ridicoulus target, like a toaster slot. She tosses her toothbrush and it lands perfectly in a cup. She slams a spoon on the table and it pops into her mug. She bounces a tennis ball and it lands in a bucket. This little girl makes some shots that most people can’t.

Kudos to her dad that devoted so much time to capture the shots. The video also shows some of the misses. We can only imagine how many misses it took to get the shot. Riley’s dad shared that it took 136 attempts to get the toothbrush in the cup. That is nothing compared to the four hours for four days it took to get a tennis ball into a bowl by bouncing it off the window. By the way, that means more than 300 throws.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by Riley’s father and has quickly garnered tons of hits. It was made even more popular after being shared by WWE wrestler, Emma. Apparently, the adorable Riley is her niece.


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