#GrowingUpBlack and #GrowingUpFilipino Have so Much In Common


#GrowingUpBlack is now a thing — it;s here to stay, and it’s fantastic. the hashtag features some of the best and funniest memories of Black Twitter’s collective childhoods.

Reading through tweets, I had to admit, a lot of these really reminded me of my own childhood as well those of my friends’ and what they cared to tell me, all growing up in the Philippines. It also seems pretty much the case for the childhoods of a lot of migrant Pinoy households. #GrowingUpFilipino, thank you for reppin’ the experience.

So here’s to our collective childhoods. Raise ya hands if:

Going to Church was the Main Event of the weekend (or at east, your parents made it feel that way.)


With the parentals, you’d best know what they want and what they mean, because they always mean business.


The things they do for you.

[“Mom, I’m hungry.” “You hungry? why don’t you cook, why it always gotta be me?”]


School problems? Oh boy:


Grandma’s house was where it’s at.


Family gatherings are pretty much the same.


After all the eating…


… comes the storing.


… and some old-fashioned disciplinary @ss-whoppin’, for when we kids got misbehavin’.


Whatever happens, though, we know you love us, Mom and Dad.

Thanks for always trying to raise us right.



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