Abused Child Rapper Lil Tay Faces Custody Battle; Forced To Live With Father

Lil Tay
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Social media and the internet, in general, can get rather dangerous for a lot of children. One of the parents’ biggest fears for their child online are probably pedophiles, but apart from that, sometimes it’s the parents themselves exploiting their children for internet fame. One extreme example of this is the notorious child rapper Lil Tay, who now faces an ugly custody battle between her mother and father.

If you’re unaware who Lil Tay is, then you’re unlucky because here she is:

At first glance, she appears to be a rich, spoiled 9-year-old brat who is an expert at “flexing” her wealth, regardless of how authentic it is. She also has some equally appalling rap music. However, it turns out that her mom was behind it all along. Her Chinese mother, Angela Tian, was apparently a real-estate agent and some deluxe houses for sale are where they do their shoots for those flex videos. Basically, Lil Tay’s mother appears to be exploiting her for YouTube views and revenue. Her mother has since been fired from her agency because of this.

However, the situation seems to be getting worse for the social media star because her Canadian “absentee” father, Christopher John Hope, has issued a court order for her. Now, Lil Tay appears to have been forced with living in Canada with her father, otherwise, she will be taken in foster care. She is also banned from using social media, hence, all her toxic content were removed from Instagram.

Lil Tay
Photo by Instagram/@liltay

It appears, that there is more Lil Tay being banned from social media, however. The post above came from an anonymous “former associate” who claims to have witnessed Lil Tay “from the beginning.” Apparently, Lil Tay’s father is no better than her mother and was even more abusive with allegations such as being naked around Lil Tay often and failure to provide child support to Angela. The post has since been deleted and Lil Tay’s fate remains unknown.

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