#DadRappers: The Hashtag Game Strikes Again


Recently, there has been some pretty creative hashtag trend on Twitter, like #SoftenAFilm and #RejectedPairings.

Now, we have #DadRappers. Basically, the combination of a rapper and a dad quality. Think television, farting and eating.

Every kind of dad is represented.

Old dads.


Really old dads.

What dad doesn’t complain about the thermostat?


It is like an inherit father talent to tell when the household temperature has been tampered with. Just ask Peter Griffin.


Dads like to snooze… loud.

What about snoring?


Those dads that you just can’t take anywhere.

You can’t take them anywhere, but they still call the shots.

They lay down the law, the king of the castle.

#DadRappers became a trend thanks to Comedy Central’s show, Midnight. The best tweet is chosen to be a panelist on the show.

Host of the hashtag wars, the show takes a hilarious look at social media hastags. With a panel of comedians, they throw out some pretty funny stuff. Like last week’s episode, the panel tackled #ClickBaitAMovie.

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