‘Let’s Get Social’ Song: So This Is The State Of Social Media Marketing [Video]

let's get social song

Full disclosure: “Let’s Get Social” is the worst thing you’ll hear all day. If you work in social media in any capacity, it’s the worst thing you’ll hear in your entire career, except for maybe “We have to let you go. Budget cuts and stuff.”

We don’t usually give a lot of social media marketing advice around here, except for the occasional infographic and the inviolable maxim “don’t listen to social media marketing experts ever,” and this video is exactly why.

At last, SocialNewsDaily tastes complete redemption after years of mocking social media experts wherever they peddle their snake oil. This video, taken at the 2014 Social Media Marketing World convention, shows the unfortunate Mary McCoy from Continuum singing “Let’s Get Social,” described by co-writer Phil Mershon as “a humor-laced theme song for this year’s Social Media Marketing World.”

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

I’m showing you things you’ll like
Trying to get engagement
Here’s some photos from my life
My cat, my kids, some bacon

I’m hoping you’ll share my stuff
And tweet it to the world
If you help me grow my Klout,
I promise that I’ll share yours

So connect with me, let’s have some fun
Let’s show the world how this gets done

Let’s get social (social) with social media
Let’s get social (social) with social media
Where we can spread the word and grow our reach
And find our fans in their newsfeed
Let’s get social with social media

I know exactly what you’re thinking:

Yeah, us too. Like I said, this is why we make fun of social media marketing experts on SocialNewsDaily.

Tickets to this performance, by the way, cost $1,300.

Which really brings us to the overarching point about social media marketing here. Millions (if not billions) are spent every year on various attempts to game social media when the only decent strategy there is regarding how to effectively use your Twitter account can be summarized thusly: Have a good product, think on your feet, and don’t try to game the system.

Are you in social media marketing? What did you think of “Let’s Get Social,” the video gone viral for all the wrong reasons?

Kokou Adzo

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