YouTube Star Joseph ‘Stampy Cat’ Garrett To Launch Educational Channel

Joseph Stampy Cat Garrett

Well-known YouTube star Joseph Garrett, known by his channel moniker “Stampyl Cat,” has announced plans to launch an educational channel. The new project will be helped along by partner network, Maker Studios.

Garrett rose to fame by becoming one of the most famous Minecraft players on the planet. He plays the game as his cat character named Stampy.

The StampyLongHead channel was recently listed as one of the top five most viewed channel on YouTube. Over the last seven days his channel has racked up 35.7 million views. Through his 2.2 million subscribers, Joseph Garrett has racked up more than 800 million views. While he plays other games, Minecraft has most certainly become his bread and butter.

At this time Stampy and his Maker Studios partners have not revealed any details about the new educational channel.

The channel could become a quick hit with advertisers. Minecraft has a very large young demographic. Younger kids have gravitated towards MinecraftEDU, a platform that teaches math and science by incorporating certain elements from the game.

Maker Studios, now owned by Disney, will benefit by targeting the entertainment company’s biggest cash cow — children.



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