Leonard Nimoy Hospitalized, Condition Unknown

Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek star, Leonard Nimoy was reportedly hospitalized last week. Although a rep has not confirmed the news, TMZ has reported the aging star was rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe chest pains on Thursday afternoon. After a 911 call, the 83-year-old was taken to UCLA Medical Center.

According to reports, Leonard Nimoy has been in and out of the hospital during the past few months.

Last year the star announced he was diagnosed with COPD, so paramedics were quick to get him checked out when he complained of pain. Nimoy quit smoking more than 30 years ago, but he still says his illness was brought on from the nasty habit.

Despite the lack of confirmation, Nimoy’s Twitter account was updated Monday afternoon after the news became widespread. The tweet did not mention the hospitalization, but rather a piece of poetry and Leonard Nimoy’s famous phrase, “Live long and prosper.”

The cryptic tweets continued with this tweet posted the next day.

So far, Nimoy’s representatives have been contacted, but have not made any comments.

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