Leonard Nimoy Reveals Battle With Lung Disease To Twitter Fans

Leonard Nimoy COPD Diagnosis

Leonard Nimoy revealed his battle with the lung disease COPD to Twitter fans recently after he was spotted at an airport with an oxygen mask and a wheelchair. Nimoy explained to fans that, while he quit smoking 30 years ago it was “not soon enough” to keep him from suffering from the consequences.

The former Star Trek actor, who made an appearance on the latest film series as well, urged fans to follow in his footsteps and quit smoking. COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Sufferers have difficulty breathing and often contract emphysema and bronchitis. The original message was posted to Twitter on January 29, but Nimoy followed it up on Thursday, writing:

Despite his health issues, Leonard Nimoy has continued working and doing anything that involves the Star Trek world. Along with revealing his COPD battle, the actor also shared with fans that he taped his comments for Star Trek Fest, which will air later this month.

[Image: Brian Wilkins]

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