Lent Is The Newest Excuse To Pretend You’re Giving Up Social Media [Twitter Reacts]


Today is Ash Wednesday, which means absolutely nothing to you unless you’re Catholic, and even then, it might not mean all that much either. February 13, 2013 begins approximately six weeks of the Catholic tradition of Lent, during which Catholics and Catholic-ish people give up one or two of their vices until Easter Sunday in order to draw closer to God.

But let’s be honest. Lent really just gives you a free attention through tweets and status updates declaring that you are proudly renouncing social media until Easter. Maybe.

Though Lent traditionally involves much more complex processes than giving up chocolate, smoking, or Twitter, (like fasting, penitence, Stations of the Cross, and Catholic guilt parades) it has become a pretty trendy shell of its former self over the past couple decades, made worse by the introduction of social media. It’s more of a challenge: A dare to yourself to give something up that you rely on or use frequently. I don’t think God really factors into it very much.

But social media is arguably a vice, so we should say that we applaud your efforts in abstaining from you Twitter and Facebook accounts. We would, too. If posting a tweet or Facebook update about how you’re giving up social for Lent on its first day didn’t automatically disqualify you from properly observing the tradition.

Here are a handful of unintentionally hilarious and ironic Lent tweets:

It’s all for the big G.

I don’t think very much “thinking” went into this tweet at all.

Oh, please, don’t.

Now that’s perspective.

Because that would be CRAZY.

God will be so pleased!

Now most people on Twitter are just making fun of people who think they can go without social for Lent. If you’re one of those and you’ve got a catchy tweet, send it to me at @DustenIQ for a chance to be included in a follow-up article.

Are you trying to give up Twitter for Lent?

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