Lebron James: I’m Not MJ, I’m LJ

lebron james

LeBron James has been compared to Michael Jordan since the day he stepped on an NBA floor.

Would King James end his career as the greatest NBA player of all time? Until last year, the argument has always been: No, not until he wins a ring.

And now that LeBron has a ring, the argument has change to: No, not until he wins six.

The Miami Heat player is having a phenomenal season and is absolutely dominating his opponents. In the last six games, he’s averaged more than 30 points and has been shooting better than 70% from the floor. That’s pretty incredible. That’s Michael Jordan incredible. No, sorry. That’s LeBron James incredible.

LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan. And on the same token, Michael Jordan will never be LeBron James.

But that won’t stop the comparisons. Sports fans love to compare stats, argue, and bestow the title of “greatest of all time” on their favorite athlete.

That argument is never going to end but I think we can settle something right now and right here. MJ sounds a lot better than LJ, right?

How about King James vs His Airness?

Who has the greatest sports nickname?



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