A Big Bird Killed It’s Master, And Now You Can Own It


A flightless, lumbering cassowary possessing a daggerlike claw on each foot, slayed Mr. Hajos (it’s now-former master) this month.

via Picswe; A cassowary

That very bird — on Saturday will go up for auction alongside roughly one hundred other exotic animals that 75-year-old Mr. Hajos kept on his Gainesville, Fl property. On April 12th, Mr. Hajos fell between two cassowary pens and was ambushed through the fence by at least one of the birds, stated Jeff Taylor, the deputy chief of Alachua County Fire Rescue. When rescue workers showed up they discovered him between the two pens gravely injured on the ground. In one of the pens an irate bird stood erect. “A couple of people from our crew had to dodge the bird themselves,” Mr. Taylor explained. “The bird was obviously agitated and was trying to come at them through the fence, but they were quick enough to get themselves out of the way of the bird.

“My understanding is these birds are fairly shy around humans but if they are provoked or they have an opportunity they will be very aggressive,” Mr. Taylor added. “It may be they saw him fall and had an opportunity and decided to attack.” Bill Grotjahn, investigator of the death for the Medical Examiner’s Office, stated Mr. Hajos had perished from trauma wreaked by the bird. He dubbed it “such an unusual situation.” “I’ve been doing this for 18 years and I’ve never had a thing like this,” he spoke. “I’ve had them killed by alligators and snakes but never by a bird like that. I know ostriches and emus have their moments, but cassowaries are an extremely, extremely dangerous bird. You don’t want to fool around with them. They have no sense of humor.”

It was not clarified why the cassowary that murdered Mr. Hajos was not put down following the attack. Gulf Coast Livestock Auction organizers, expressed it would be open to the public. However on Facebook they announced the news media would be blockaded from the event and risked the demolition of their equipment if they attempted to attend it. “There will be no videoing in any part of portion in whole of this auction,” the group penned. “Anyone seen video taping in any capacity will be deemed trespassing and will be escorted out by security. Your video equipment may or may not be confiscated until all video recordings are destroyed.”


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