Woman Who Resembles Lady Gaga Is Asked By ‘Fans’ To Take Pics Often


There’s an UK woman who resembles Lady Gaga, and consequently she claims she’s often stopped by people on the street who mistake her for the singer.

via Daily Mail; Katie Hilliard looks so much like Lady Gaga, she gets stopped in public for photos and autographs

25-year-old Katie Hilliard states she was 15 when she was initially informed by someone that she looked like the Oscar/Grammy winning songstress. As the years have progressed, more and more individuals have too pointed out the parallels to her. Hilliard, who is furniture salesperson, explains she does have aspirations to perhaps one day make a career out of her Lady Gaga similitude, who’s birth name is Stefani Germanotta.

Hilliard has garnered a decent amount of followers of her personal social media handles – most of them being Lady Gaga fans. “I get a lot of attention from her fan base and I speak to them frequently,” said Hilliard. “I do get stopped in the street quite a lot. Especially when her fan base know that Lady Gaga is in London. I have over 3,000 Facebook friends and I’d say more than two thirds of them are Lady Gaga fans. Sometimes people think that I am Lady Gaga pretending to be a girl called Katie to get a sense of normality again and to avoid ‘the fame’.” And if you’re curious if she’s ever gotten to meet her famous twin face-to-face, you’ll be satisfied to know that Hilliard did indeed get an opportunity to, very concisely, meet Lady Gaga in London recently.

When Germanotta was in London for her “A Star Is Born” premier, Hilliard made certain that she participated and was able to meet the actress/singer. She even expressed that Gaga appeared “fairly confused” when she first saw her. “We didn’t have much chance to speak but she looked at me fairly confused and smiled and I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me too. She was so elegant and polite and has an amazing aura. I was lost for words and wish I had more time to speak to her. It left me speechless,” Hilliard added.


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